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Apply for a UK National Insurance Number with easy steps. Fast turn around with our easy to use online form. Our support team are here to help.

New Number Application

Apply for a National Insurance Number if you have a working UK VISA, EU-Citizen or have a UK passport. If you plan to work in the UK you must apply for a National Insurance Number.

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Lost National Insurance Number

Apply online if you have lost or require written confirmation of your National Insurance Number. A replacement application pack will be sent to your address.

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Personal Details Change

You can change your personal details if you have legally changed your name or address. An application pack will be sent to your address to sign and send in the envelope provided.

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UK Bank Account Application

Use this service if you need to register to open a Bank Account in the U.K, a U.K bank account is very important as ALL employers will require your Bank Details to pay you your salary.

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National Insurance Plastic Card

Get Your National Insurance Number and Name printed on a hard plastic card so that it will easily fit into your purse or wallet.

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Are you an employer?

An Employee can start working without a National Insurance Number if they have the legal Right to work in the U.K, however obtaining National Insurance Numbers for Employees is significant for payroll & tax purposes.

We’re here to help you obtain a national insurance number for your employees.

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Advisor Review

An expert advisor then checks your application for any mistakes or information missing.


Processing & interview

We then process and complete the relevant online service you have selected.

Our professional service offers
Benefits not provided by the DWP:

We offer a fully online application service available 24/7. Your application will be checked by our consultants before submission. Our team help book your ‘Proof of Identity Interview’ which is required when applying for a National Insurance Number. By using our Online service you could book your Evidence Of Identity (EOI) interview before Arriving in the United Kingdom.

If you choose to apply via Job Centre Direct or the HMRC without our assisted application service there is no fee applicable & you will have to be in the U.K to call. To apply via them you need to contact them directly. We are not affiliated with the HMRC or any government body.

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