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The Government decided not to send plastic National Insurance Number Cards as a cost saving exercise in 2011. Instead you receive a letter, which is easily misplaced or lost in a pile of other documents. Never forget your National Insurance Number. Get Your National Insurance Number and Name printed on a hard plastic card so that it will easily fit into your purse or wallet.

Getting Started

  • Please ensure you take your time and enter the details correctly
  • Provide a U.K Residential Address
  • Be over the age of 16
  • 5 Minutes to complete

If you need help with your application give us a call on 0333 880 5185.

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The date of birth field is required and you must be at least 16.

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By selecting this option we will send you SMS updates at each stage of the application process. We will also contact you via SMS if we require any further information to process your application.

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This card is not official documentation provided by or affiliated with the UK Government, or anybody or department of it including the DWP, HMRC or the Job Centre Plus, and cannot be used as a form of identification, as a substitute for or otherwise in place of any official documentation or card issued by any of the aforementioned. This card is simply for the purpose of displaying your name and NINO, to serve as a reminder to you, the owner, of your NINO. You are responsible for ensuring that the details displayed on the card, including your full name and NINO are correct.”