What is a
National Insurance Number?

Your UK National Insurance number is a unique personal number allocated to you that is used to identify you to HM Revenue & Customs and the Department of Work and Pensions. It ensures the Government correctly records any contributions you are entitled to. Your National Insurance contributions go towards the UK social security and the state pension system. Insurance (NI) is required by people employed, and self employed, in the United Kingdom.

Each person has a unique ‘NI number’ that keeps track of how much they’ve paid in tax, as well as how much they’ve paid towards the cost of certain benefits.

The unique ‘NI number’ is 2 letters followed by 6 digit, followed by 1 last letter. It is kept on the government system and written on an official letter that is sent when you apply.

When do I need to use my NI Number?

If you intend to work in the UK, you need to apply as soon as possible. You will need to quote your NI number to your employer’s accounts department for taxation purposes and contributions will be taken each time you are paid.

If you don’t have a NI number, you will be required to contribute more than normal in NI payments so it’s wise to get yours as soon after arriving in the UK as possible. Further to this you will not be able to claim any of your overpaid taxes back or opt to get a NI rebate. It is therefore vital to obtain this number when you start working.

Disclaimer: We have no affiliations with the Department for Work and Pension, Job Centre Plus, any UK government body or the government of UK. You can apply directly at the DWP or contact Job Centre Plus for a NI Number where there is no fee payable. Our agency provide the best possible service for our clients. For the government Ni Number website https://www.gov.uk

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