Frequently Asked

The following may ask for your National Insurance number:

– Your employer

– Department for Work and Pensions

– HM Revenue & Customs

– Jobcenter Plus

– Pension, Disability and Carers Service

– Local council

– Banks

Yes, You will need a National Insurance number if you plan to work, start a business, claim benefits in the U.K.

Anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Its arrival date depends on several factors including your EOI interview and wait times at your local office. We schedule the EOI interview. Once the interview process is complete, you will wait up to 6 weeks for your National Insurance Number (NINO) to arrive in the mail.

You must be in the UK when you apply for an NI Number. However, our service ensures we book your NINO appt before you arrive in the U.K. ( as long as you can provide us with your U.K address where you will be living when you arrive in the U.K).

Yes, all EU, EEA and Swiss nationals with a Visa from the home office confirming you have the legal right to work in the U.K will need to book a NINO appointment.

Yes. By law, the lack of an NI number should not prevent you from being employed or paid. Legally you need to have the legal right to work in the United Kingdom. If your employer insists on having an NI Number before hiring, explain that you are in the process of securing one.

A full list of acceptable means of identification is listed below. Three documents must be produced; one from Group 1 and two from Group 2. If this is not possible, then five documents from Group 2 must be produced instead these must be in the name of the applicant. Also, it is preferred that one of these documents contains photographic identification. 

Group 1

  • Valid passport (any nationality)
  • UK Driving Licence Full or Provisional England/Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland/Isle of Man; either photocard or paper (a photocard is only valid if accompanied with the paper counterpart)
  • Original UK birth certificate (issued within 12 months of date of birth, full or short form acceptable)
  • Valid photo identity card (EU countries only)
  • UK Firearms license
  • HM Forces ID card (UK)
  • Adoption Certificate (UK)

Group 2

Statements and bills need to be dated within 3 months of your application

  • Marriage certificate/Civil Partnership Certificate
  • Non-original UK birth certificate (issued after 12 months of date of birth, full or short form acceptable)
  • P45/P60 statement
  • Utility bill (electricity, gas, water, telephone, including mobile phone contract/bill)
  • Valid TV licence
  • Credit card statement
  • Store card statement
  • Mortgage statement
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Certificate of British nationality
  • British work permit/visa**
  • Asylum Registration Card
  • Personal correspondence or a document from a Government Department*
  • Bank or Building Society Document**
  • Financial statement e.g. pension, endowment, ISA **
  • Valid vehicle registration document
  • Mail order catalogue statement*
  • Court summons
  • Valid NHS card
  • Court Claim Form
Disclaimer: We have no affiliations with the Department for Work and Pension, Job Centre Plus, any UK government body or the government of UK. You can apply directly at the DWP or contact Job Centre Plus for a NI Number where there is no fee payable. Our agency provide the best possible service for our clients. For the government Ni Number website

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